Project: 1Clean

Complete transformation of a 1-Page website into an engaging, informative and converting business tool.
Image showing the responsive design on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screen for 1Clean.
4 Weeks
Cleaning Services

The Challenge

1Clean is a local cleaning provider based in East London, UK. The company was doing great but faced a few challenges with their website.

  • The website was a one-page “business card” which didn’t convey any trust to online visitors.
  • Our client had a brand idea, but wasn’t sure how to communicate it throughout the website.
  • The website had primarily text and the communication was more about 1Clean, rather than what benefits can bring to the target customer.
  • There was no informational architecture to guide visitors around the website.
  • Never had an online request for a quote due to lack of strategic navigation, clear CTA’s and contact us page.
  • The website was nowhere to be found online.

In addition to all challenges, our client had the ambition to transform their one-page website into an online booking platform that provides value, attracts visitors and converts leads on autopilot. Challenge accepted!

The Process

During our initial discovery session, we instantly loved the idea behind the brand and their focus on providing a seamless process from booking to cleaning.

The research and planning stage took 3 days. We discovered there were around 7,500 cleaning businesses registered at that time in London and 79 websites that had been nurtured for 10+ years, which made them very difficult to compete with. Still, with so much competition, we had to figure out a way to stand out and rank high on Google. The logo was already created and our client had branding guidelines so it took us 23 days to sketch out the website layout, present a design and to develop it on WordPress using Elementor Pro and custom CSS/JS. We analysed what their competitors are doing to be successful and compared their target customer to develop the right informational architecture.

We created a custom SEO campaign focusing on the weak spots of its competitors. The campaign included best practices SEO on page and off page optimisation, page performance, internal linking, blog, thorough keyword research and analysis and creating A/B test service page layouts to determine what content would rank higher.

As a goodwill gesture we fully optimised their Google and Bing business profiles so they can appear on maps searches looking professional and trustworthy to help with leads generation.

We spent the last 2 days for complete QA and around 17:30 PM UK time, the website was live.

The Results

We delivered a fully-custom, professional looking website, optimised for all types of screens including desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. We kept the brand image and communication style consistent throughout the entire website which ultimately boosted the trust factor.

The strategic web layout was developed in a way to guide visitors through a digital journey. From the value proposition to benefits, features, trust-building and clear CTA’s to never miss a curious visitor’s quote request again.

3 months in with daily SEO monitoring and optimisations, 1Clean have sky-rocketed to almost 2000 daily impressions. Now 1Clean has 1.1K monthly visitors based on Facebook Pixel data and 320 visitors from Google alone, which results in 120-190 leads per month. The website generates traffic from Google Business Profile/Maps, Bing Business Profile/Maps, Google search, Bing search, Yahoo search, Facebook and Instagram. Also the business website is registered on every single local citation website that boosts the overall exposure and brings in more traffic.

We’re particularly proud with the “After Builders Cleaning Prices” blog post which ranks 1st on Google search for transactional/commercial keywords “Builders Clean Prices” and “After Builders Cleaning Prices” which drives constant traffic for 1Clean’s most profitable service.

The website has an integrated booking software and an online chat feature to make it easier for customers to make enquiries. In addition we developed an online application form for cleaners to help 1Clean with the recruitment process.
Example of our SEO work for a client where we managed to achieve 2k+ impression in a day within 3 months of work.

From 0 to 2,284 daily impressions within 3 months and 246K impressions within 7 months, resulting in 1,160 website visitors and over 90 leads. 

How that helped:
– Increased Brand Awareness
– Improved Brand Credibility
– 180% ROI during our campaign
– Generated 120+ leads and referrals
– Collected emails to launch a “regular cleaning” email campaign
– Gathered enough data to optimise conversion rate

Screenshot of our SEO stats for a blog post. We managed to get 369 visitors within 3 months of work.

Here is a screenshot of our blog post’s performance. Within the first 3 months, we hit 6k impressions and 369 clicks, resulting in 20+ After-builders cleaning quotes – the most profitable service.

Currently, we attract 200+ visitors every month.

The article is discoverable by over 240 keywords but mainly appears 1st on Google for 2 transactional keywords that drive 94% of qualified traffic.

Tools we used:

Branding Guidelines

Heading Style

Body Style


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